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City Hall station
Rigor mortis
Vote or Die
Not just a statistic
SF miscellany 2
South of Market 2

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Satan's Laundromat

City Hall station


IRT City Hall station, Heins & LaFarge, 1904.

City Hall station has been closed to passengers since 1945 and is definitely the world's most beautiful abandoned subway station, if not its most beautiful subway station of any kind. I hadn't seen the station in about ten years, so it was great to get back there on the occasion of its centennial. More at Bluejake and Amy Langfield.

If you didn't make it to this rare public viewing, you can see the station any time by staying on a downtown 6 train after Brooklyn Bridge station. But it's not quite the same.

Thanks for bearing with me during this site's downtime. I think everything is back to normal now.

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Rigor mortis


Half-mile-long graf wall and abandoned train station, The Bronx


Two new projects from Julia Solis: American Ruins, and Riddle of the Buried Stream (a New York scavenger hunt).

City seeks federal injunction against Critical Mass bike ride.

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Fort Greene, Brooklyn


Sixth Avenue, Manhattan


Smith Street, Brooklyn


Park Slope Armory, Brooklyn

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Navy Yard, Brooklyn


De la Vega 4 President
East Harlem


The Bronx


Lower East Side


The Times thinks I use a cell phone camera.

French photolog: JR files (via Mike Golby).

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Cambridge, MA




The Times looks at the wall around the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

I'll be speaking briefly on Wednesday evening in a virtual town meeting at the Apple Store in Soho, by Paul Shambroom's kind invitation.

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Vote or Die


Under the BQE at Navy Street. Are you registered?


Simsbury, CT

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The Bronx








NYT: City sued over RNC arrests; DA drops charges against 227 protesters

Don't miss Tim Davis' "My Life in Politics," an exhibition of photographs revealing odd juxtapositions in politics, at the Bohen Foundation, 415 West 13th, through November 5th. (Tuesday-Friday, noon-6pm.)

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Not just a statistic


Morristown, NJ


Somewhere in New Jersey


Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Williamsburg Bridge


Greenpoint, Brooklyn


This weekend is the second annual Open House New York. Lots of places that are normally closed will welcome visitors -- but, alas, not the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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SF miscellany 2


San Francisco


New York Times: Police illegally fingerprinted me, others.

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South of Market 2


South of Market, San Francisco


The Times talks to the Wooster folks and deconstructs the Candy Factory.

More NYPD harassment of photographers.

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South of Market 1


South of Market, San Francisco

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