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Recent Entries

Just too upsetting
Ideal Building
Live banana, fresh killed
LES street art
Philly, but not the pretty parts
Brooklyn Museum
Odds and ends 4
Navy Yardish, by night

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Satan's Laundromat

Just too upsetting


Madison Square

In the news today: Patriot Act Suppresses News Of Challenge to Patriot Act. It's like we're living in a game of Nomic.

This seems like a good time to join in a coordinated Googlebomb: Republican National Convention RNC Protests

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Ideal Building


Shipping/receiving for Santa's Workshop
Jamaica, Queens

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Live banana, fresh killed


Crown Heights, Brooklyn


Brooklyn Banana
East New York, Brooklyn


Two-headed traffic light
Ozone Park, Queens. Red and green make...yellow?


L-ALLadin Live Poultry
Jamaica, Queens


In God We Trust / Willie the Handyman
Hollis, Queens


Blind persons training area
Hempstead, Long Island. Beware of backwards wheelchairs.

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LES street art


(previous crosswalk dressings here and here)


stenciled face

Passerby seen from basement

Bike with contorted front wheel

Alphabet and NYC on sidewalk vault door

The last remaining Jews of the Lower East Side

Looking up at fire escapes through a hole
Lower East Side

At Chicago Snapshot: Precious Blood.

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Wow! is right
Upper East Side


Brush Up Business with Paint Paste Paper Push


Homey Boyz Fried Chicken & Pizza

Larry's Liquid Love: A Sophisticated Meeting Place

Hand-lettered license plate
Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn


Falun Dafa Is Good

Parade for Falun Gong


CapedMaskedandArmed is well worth a look. I especially liked Street Jams (a collection of political street art) and A Study in American Nationalism.

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Philly, but not the pretty parts


For the duration of the energy shortage, beware of bad dog

Robinson's Chapel Church / Miracles on 52nd Street

No cash accepted / Please use money orders

Free speech area, with amplifier

Street art of skeletal metal heads


Yuk's Chinese food to take out

Camden, NJ

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Brooklyn Museum




Overlooking the plaza

'Welcome to the hood' on back of shirt

Kids playing in front of the fountain

Manifest Destiny

Pile of dirt

The Brooklyn Museum unveiled its new entranceway over the weekend. This could become a great public space, but it would have more of a chance if there were other things (restaurants, a movie theater, shopping) to bring people to the area. Like much about the Brooklyn Museum, it feels slightly shabby and slightly unfinished.


Meanwhile, over at Prospect Park, people really seem to be getting into this spring thing.



Metal detector

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Odds and ends 4



Anti-F train graffiti

Museum scene

Discarded museum badges


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Prayer Palace

Prayer Palace sign and elevated train

Chester draws

St. Rita di Cascia's Antiques

St. Jude Thaddeus refrigeration


Red building, seen from above
Along Broadway, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Bushwick and Williamsburg, Brooklyn


St. Rita di Cascia's Antiques and St. Jude Thaddeus Refrigeration are on the same block. It appears St. Jude has another business venture:
St. Jude's Flat Fix
Lower East Side


Thursday, April 15, at 6:30pm, Cooper Union presents "Nooks and Crannies of New York City," a free lecture by Justin Ferate. (details here)

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Navy Yardish, by night





Abandoned prison

Ammonia mixing valves for fire department only

Chinese characters on Grand

Face sign under BQE by Darius & Downey

Face sign under BQE by Darius & Downey

Tagged billboard near BQE
Fort Greene/Navy Yard, Brooklyn

While taking the last photo, I apparently annoyed a watchdog in a vacant lot. After a few minutes of loud barking, a modern-day snake charmer, complete with a scraggly beard and a hat that's about as close to a turban as you can find on Canal Street, emerged from a nearby building with a flute and gently quieted the dog by playing a tune that wafted down the empty street. This is why I love New York.

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Navy Yardish, by day



Razor-wire fruit

Department of Environmental Protection / City of New York

Building directory

You Got Hurt

Key Food Meat Door
Fort Greene/Navy Yard, Brooklyn. What is a meat door used for?

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Henry's Shoe Repair


Henry's / Please pick up your shoes

Do-not lean on glass / REWARD

Beware of dogs

Going out of business soon

Henry's Shoes
Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

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Subway Style



IND color scheme

Ad recruiting replacements for subway employees gone to war

Mosaic lettering cannot be added to without disfigurement


Ad for new Broadway line

Entrance globes


Diagram showing extremely unrealistic passenger load

A generous friend snagged me an invite to the opening reception for Subway Style: Architecture and Design in the New York City Subway. It's at the UBS Art Gallery, 1285 Sixth Avenue, through June 18, and well worth a (free) visit. Gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 8-6.

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Times Square midnight 2


Urn sand filler

American Express / PAR

Pink 40th birthday


All light beers are low in carbs.  Choose on taste.  Bud Light

(Times Square midnight 1)

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Post-failure slog


Duct on side of brick building

143 Classon Look



Non-Ultra Joy


Two nice, newish, street-level New York photologs: joe's nyc and Untitled Name Document Image.

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Jesus in Bushwick


Office-building church and Jesus' Upholstery

Jesus upholstery

Fuck you! Jesus saved.
Bushwick, Brooklyn

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Best Orange Food


Hole in the Wall

Billiard lounge

Frank H. Taylor & Son / Note First Name
East Orange, NJ. Frank H. Taylor & Son was a real-estate brokerage. The building is slated for demolition.


Ho's Fruit & Vegetables

We will put anything you want for sale on eBay
Orange, NJ


Eye Control has some nice neon cocktail glass shots.

My assumption that there's nothing worth photographing in Los Angeles has been shattered by pixpopuli.

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