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Winter High Line 1
Gloria mundi
Mascot of the Q train
Chambers Street
Steam 2
Steam 1
Times Square midnight

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Satan's Laundromat

Winter High Line 1



Tree and switch

Above a switch

Another random High Line shot

Tracks through building

Tracks surrounded by buildings

Trucks through hole

blue sky plus

Curving track
The High Line, an abandoned elevated rail line on the West Side of Manhattan.

Lots of other people have High Line pictures online, but I couldn't find many winter ones.

High Line photos, January 31, 2004:

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Yolanda was here Oct 17 1991
Chelsea. See also Rehearsal, part 2.


At NYC Street Photos, icy firefighting.

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Gloria mundi


People on a train


Closed - Please use other window - Olza?


Peeling multiple layers of poster

Weird best-friends-forever graffiti
Lafayette Avenue station, C train. Waiting for the C train ranks right up there with visiting the dentist.


EITC ad / Stop getting smart with me lady
Metropolitan Avenue station, G train.


View out front window of Z train

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Mascot of the Q train


Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn. Hugs may result in 600 volts: an attractive nuisance if I ever saw one.


faces in church facade


Oddly dressed people through window to next car
C train, Brooklyn


Three more days to cast your vote in the Bloggies. The more I mention it, the sillier I'll look when I lose!

Rion, snow, Times Square. And Lightningfield captures the Chinatown 25-cent store, then and now.

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Chambers Street


Chambers Street is, without a doubt, the creepiest and most neglected New York subway station. It was built as a grand downtown terminal for the BMT -- some might say a cathedral of transit -- with five platforms and four tracks. Today only two platforms are open and two tracks are used; the decline of Downtown and the rise of Midtown after World War II doomed this line, which only serves Downtown.

Abandoned mezzanine with hard hats

Northbound platform

fenced-off area

IRT lines other end

As yucky as this once-grand station is now, it was even worse a few months ago, before bad publicity shamed the MTA into cleaning up some of the low-hanging fruit (litter and graffiti):

More on Chambers Street at Forgotten NY and nycsubway.org

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Steam 2


Steam, Times Square

Steam, Times Square, in headlights

escaperail: Fire escape photography.

All Jive, street-poetry-or-something photos by Rudayday. I've linked to it before, but his Brooklyn storefront churches photo project [background] is (still) wonderful.

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Steam 1


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Times Square midnight


neon MBURG

Geoffrey and Paramount building

Door with number 149

Purple phone booth

USPS crate, police barricade, and passing taxi


Handrail and arm
Times Square

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If you're like me, you never get tired of spectacular views. Some eye candy, from 16 Court Street:

Lower Manhattan

Midtown and Manhattan Bridge

Steam rising from Midtown, LES, Williamsburg Bridge

Metrotech building and downtown

Gothic building and Midtown

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Q-Train Deli
(Note that the Q-Train Deli used to be the D-Train Deli, which has more of a ring to it. Next month, will it become the B-Train Deli?)

Wholesale phone cards / I Love You Dr. Card
Flatbush, Brooklyn


Ozone Park, Queens


Hair on sale / headphone walkman on sale

Shadow self-portrait
Queens Plaza


400iso.com is new, good, and not at all grainy.

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Doorways 2




It appears that I will soon resoundingly lose a Bloggie in the "Best Photography of a Weblog" category, which I'd thought meant photos of monitors displaying web browsers displaying blogs. Apparently it doesn't. Anyway, I'd personally vote for any of the other nominees rather than for me.

But perhaps I will break my -to-date silence on Photoblogs.org vote pimping, now that I'm in danger of falling out of the top 100. Vote for me there, should you see fit.

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Doorways 1


Fort Greene, Brooklyn


Stamford, CT


Newark, NJ


Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

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Aimee Nuzzo reporting on TV
(She doesn't look like a crack whore...)


for use by tenant only

Piano student in back of orange room

Rear Street Bum & Snacks
Chinatown. Yes, that used to say "rear street bum."

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Staying warm


"You know it's cold when..."
Pigeons on subway grates


30% off on all white items


Man not selling umbrellas

Film shoot


Two flames next to a dome-shaped building


Cold-looking people on a train

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Downtown Newark


Broad & Market Tavern / in the hub of Newark serving you the best (old rusted billboard)

Coleman National Business College, painted ad on building

Semi-abandoned building with water tower and sky

Snaking pipe on rooftop
Newark, NJ (more here)


I know everyone in the world linked to it yesterday, but here's Abandoned Bicycles of New York City anyway, in honor of my poor bike, which had its handlebars (handlebars!) stolen recently.

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Abandoned subway tunnel


View of tunnel

Rusty wall

Rusty light bulb

Cinderblocks and doorway lit through slats

Barrel of freon


Annual Christmas sale: Nylon Briefs

Photographer waving hand over tripod

Old golden details

Old light fixtures, stacked

Doorways and pipe

The end of the tunnel

Looking up
Abandoned subway tunnel, Newark

That photographer in the eighth picture is Steve, whose site contains much excellence.

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Backlog: Tribeca, parking


$225,000 price tag

This elevator must stay on the 1st floor.  Thank you.  Gil Shapiro

Closing sale Nov. 1 - Dec 31, up to 80% off /// Reopening in Jan. 2004

all people are [idiots] beautiful
Tribeca (Rion, "all people", almost three years ago)


No Parking in messy black paint

Don't park in our driveway / Hi means you
Dyker Heights, Brooklyn


Frank H. Jump documents fading ads on the sides of New York buildings.

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Backlog: New Year's Eve


Musician at 59th Street station

Park here for D&D Join now - avoid 2004 prices
Upper-ish East Side


Liquor store

We Sell Thomas

Meta trucker hat
Park Slope, Brooklyn. Who or what is Thomas?


I'm fascinated by Not Fooling Anybody, a collection of poorly executed conversions from failed archetypically-architected businesses to (usually) low-rent restaurants. I especially like this Planet Hollywood-turned-pizzeria. (This used to say "-turned-no-name-pizzeria," but I was corrected.)

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Backlog: Dean


Fascinatingly faded lettering on roll-up grate top

Fascinatingly faded 'Absolutely no parking' on wooden fence

Old brick building with SANITATION sign

Sanitation, Edward I. Koch, mayor

Extremely impromptu mail slot

Metal grate with peeling red paint
Dean Street, between Vanderbilt and Underhill Avenues, Brooklyn


corner of Howard and Dean
Crown Heights(?), Brooklyn

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Backlog: assorted


I'm just gonna whip through these, ok? But that doesn't mean you should too -- there are some photos here I like a lot. Some of them a whole lot. Maybe I'll even leave this entry up for a couple days.

Crosswalk reflecting electric billboards

Show folks shoe shop dedicated to beauty in footwear
(The statues are of famous actresses from the 1920s. [more info])

Police line do not cross

Princeton, WV - House of Pain
Times Square


Chambers Close-Outs: Cheaper than if it fell off the back of a truck

Temporary Outlet Store.  Just Arrived: TOYS

Lots of tags near fire escapes, including NOEL
Downtown Brooklyn


Tennis Court and Chateau Frontenac
Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. Note street sign. Thanks to Lauren for the tip on this one.


Boxes piled up to the 25-foot ceiling
Gowanus, Brooklyn


AVISO and more illegible Spanish
Park Slope, Brooklyn. Possibly one of my favorite shots ever, condemned to be just one in a stream of backlog. Tragic.


I'm all giddy today, for no apparent reason. At dinner a friend asked me if I was on drugs. (I wasn't.) And that was before the coffee. But YOU DON'T CARE. Because this is a photolog, not a blog. Or am I just in denial?

While you're on the New Haven Line, is your teen doing a line of coke?  Stonington Institute

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Chicago Chinatown


Pot sticker no for resale

Come in! Here is a big store!


For each item you steal you will be fined ten times the prices

Brown Candy in pieces

APPLE GUMMY: Every drop of fresh apple juice, carefully pressed from the reddest apples, shining in colors of the cheeks of a snow-country child, is yours to enjoy in each soft and juicy Kasugai Apple Gummy.

Ladies' Soybean Drink

Balding people raising an apple above them

Butter roll

One more egg, test better!!  Poring boiling water, can eat immediately.

More Chinatown stuff here.


Did Tien Mao's vulgar crosswalk picture inspire this kinder, gentler piece of crosswalk dressing art? Street-art historians of the future will wonder.

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Des Plaines, city of destiny


Sugar Bowl restaurant (neon sign)

shopping carts in otherwise-empty parking lot

1776-1976 sticker


Des Plaines, city of destiny
Des Plaines, IL

Getting tired of Chicago? (Be honest.)

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Train to Chicago


Trains north to Howard / Next / Do not board

Black Santa Claus

Red Line station

Stenciled no parking sign

Transfer tunnel

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Competitive advantage


Open 25 hours

Open 25 hours
Bushwick, Brooklyn

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Happy New Year


El Maestro Grocery Deli 2004
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Do you think they have to change the awning every year?


Santa (in the form of my credit card) brought me a new camera, a Canon PowerShot S400, with which I took the above. As I work through the backlog, more and more of the photos will suck a little less than usual.

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Chicago, city of "protection"


Atlas Burglar Bars

Strictly Board-Up stencil

Faded red no-trespassing sign

Faded red vinyl-siding ad

Train wheels on a lonely track through a chain-link fence

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Grinning pimp

Back of pimp



At Bluejake, sunset pictures. I think they're from the same roof where I took the picture in my header graphic above.

Gothamist discovers the original New York photolog (from the '40s and '50s).

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Chicago signage


Brooklyn was here stand up

W.J. Phillips, M.D. / A.D. Gonzales, M.D. / Surgeon.

Painted letter R with bullet hole

Welcome to Subway / Thank you & 'Casabo' / Come again soon & bring others

Think before you act

Morales Tire Shop ... For Service Blow Your Horn

Dear Customer / I will be back with in 5 minute

Happy Birthday Nial (crossed off), Barrie
Chicago. Happy birthday as well to my grandfather Carl, who would have been 100 today.


Fifth Third Bank
Oak Park, IL

Thanks to Chris for showing me around his fair city.

At NYC Street Photos: Passenger side view through Harlem.

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