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Happy Thanksgiving
Out of place
Glory be
Hall of Fame
Fame and infamy

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Satan's Laundromat



Wedding dresses - Dresses and other of you occasion communion measurement
Soundview, The Bronx


Children are not allowed with no parents! Thank you!

boot(h) for rent

Superintendent's hours sign

Dog wearing a hat racing cars or something, I don't know, it's bizarre
Longwood, The Bronx


Fantastic nurses uniform sale now
The Hub, The Bronx


I scooped the Times.

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Crutches and  folding chair in the trash

Birthday and Ice Cream Cakes in 5 Minutes

adium iquors / free delivery

Five directional signs pointing to the left

Hand-lettered confusing cigarette directions

Don't ask matches - 5 cents each

Fountain: paint-splattered woman; skull
Near Yankee Stadium, The Bronx

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Happy Thanksgiving


Turkey in front of a car
Longwood, The Bronx

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Out of place


Send money to: Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Canada

Eid sale with Jewish symbolism
Jackson Heights, Queens. Eid is not a Jewish holiday.


Cuchifritos / Pollo a la BBQ / Mofongo al pilon
Longwood, The Bronx


Red and green beads/candies on the street
Meatpacking District

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Do not park here

Belvidere Street, Williamsburg/Bushwick/Bed-Stuy wasteland, Brooklyn

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PATH trains return to the World Trade Center today.

Van labeled 5 WTC


Vote Tuesday 9/11
Crown Heights, Brooklyn


Torn-up street

PATH trains to New Jersey

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License plate nailed to a pole, and signmaker's ad

Lucky Coming Chinese restaurant / Sammy Sosa Deli Grocery

Please do not take the towels

Girls with matching pink crown backpacks
Third Avenue, Fordham, The Bronx


Black Israelite preachers

Shell game in progress

Larmax Liquors: free delivery...
East Fordham Road, Fordham, The Bronx

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Glory be


Apostolic Church Inc. - Unbeatable

Kol Sh'aireit B'nai Yisrael with weird graffiti
West Farms Square, The Bronx


New [Y]ork Capital Bank

Decrepit facade
East Tremont, The Bronx

This is a restaurant. Alas, it was closed when I visited.
School bus restaurant

Check-cashing store mural
University Heights, The Bronx

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Hall of Fame


The Hall of Fame for Great Americans, the first hall of fame ever built, has a fascinating history and was once one of New York City's best-known tourist attractions -- but that was before New York University moved downtown and left the Hall to a rather lesser institution. Now it's mostly forgotten.

Robert Fulton
Robert Fulton, whose own fame is currently endangered.

Abraham Lincoln

Mark Twain

View of Manhattan

View through a toy house
University Heights, The Bronx


For help with an ongoing photo project, I'm looking for volunteers in or near the following cities who could take one photo of a specific thing for me. Please email if you can help: mike [at] satanslaundromat.com

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Fame and infamy


Two weekends, two accidental Sopranos run-ins. Last weekend was the pork store, and now this: Michael Imperioli, who plays Christopher Moltisanti, Tony's heroin-addicted nephew.

Michael Imperioli
2 train, Manhattan


Hamburger, 70 cents

S. Jarmulowsky's Bank
Chinatown. S. Jarmulowsky's Bank failed spectacularly.

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Mayor Bloomberg opened the last pieces of a greenway circling Manhattan to great fanfare last month.

It's a bit spotty and easy to get lost in places (especially Dyckman Street), and at one point the route takes you miles from the water. The path varies from fifteen feet wide to about three feet wide, and from desolate (near the sewage treatment plant at 145th Street) to choked with tourists (whose bright idea was it to route it right through Battery Park?), but on the whole it's a definite step forward. I can't wait for the long-promised Brooklyn waterfront greenway.

Bicycles can't climb stairs

Pier pilings with birds

UN Plaza with Pepsi sign in background

Dangling cones

Guardrail with teeth

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Mythical land beyond the sea


OFFICE SPACE and clock on bridge over street


Newark, NJ


Prevent SARS
Harrison, NJ. If I ever start a band, it will be called "Bfst fop mfx, womfh liver relaxing." Or possibly "Gelatinous Mutant Coconut."


Shrine to ice water

Value Saver: Hoboken's Saver of Value
Hoboken, NJ (more)

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Thou shalt not


Somebody's going to hell.
Two stone tablets with the ten commandments, one of them missing

Our church is prayer conditioned
Kearny, NJ


Extremely patriotic mattress outlet
Kearny, NJ


Freedom Toast
Harrison, NJ


Switching from thou-shalt-nots to thou-shalts, I like nassio.com/empty, Vegas trip photos, and GELATINOUS MUTANT COCONUT. Also, photoblogs.org, despite the annoying b in its name, has rapidly become the canonical photolog clearinghouse.

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Jersey meat


CARNIC[eria] with cartoon animals
Harrison, NJ


WE DO DEER / Vicky's Meat King

'Fresh' burger meat / Carne molida
Kearny, NJ


Satriale's Pork Store

Satriale's Pork Store - any size suckling pig
Kearny, NJ. Look familiar? It should.

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One-stop shopping


Save 50% on trash bags and disposable items

It is forbidden to enter these premises carrying objects on Shabbas

Space Man, Inc.

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Last California entry, I swear


This used to be an active marina until the city stopped dredging the bay.
Boat launch into weeds

Boat in weeds
Alviso, CA


A-1 Shoe Repair
Mountain View, CA


Gold Tooth Master
Oakland, CA


Guides to New York City, the subway and (via Gawker) the Chinatown bus.

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SF Mission, part 3


These premises are under court order not to be used for the sale of stolen goods or other public nuisance activities such as loitering, littering, verbal harassment of passerby, excessive loud noise, the sale of illegal drugs, disturbance of the peace or public drunkenness.

Please do not sell or buy merchandise inside the coffee shop

Please do not sale or buy merchandise inside the coffee shop
The Mission, San Francisco, CA

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SF Mission, part 2


No loitering and drinking


You blog, don't you?

Hand-painted beauty salon lettering

Neon sign for a bar

Slimming patches
The Mission, San Francisco, CA

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SF Mission, part 1


Lucky Pork Store

Carlo's Club: Commuters are welcome

Storefront palimpsest

Cartoon in Spanish about chiropractic

We will call 911 if you still throw garbage here
The Mission, San Francisco, CA

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In the details



Outdoor laptop use

Are any other city's street signs as instantly recognizable as San Francisco's? Besides, maybe, Paris?

By Order S.F.P.D.
San Francisco, CA

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SF Chinatown



Rooms $1.50 per week, old painted sign

Tax Free Shop and Transamerica Pyramid

Bank interior and reflected Transamerica Pyramid
Chinatown, San Francisco, CA (more TransAmerica Pyramid)

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Pig Latin for "beast"


Piros Artificial Flowers and Coffee Shop

Sam's Drive Thru Super Burgers
San Leandro, CA


Bombay-La Mexicana

World's nicest gas station
Fremont, CA


Earl's Unique Cleaners: The Bowlers Friend
Oakland, CA


Sullen Beauty Supply Center
Richmond, CA

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Culinary delights of San Jose



Polish tamales

Downtown Snack Bar menu


Palm trees
Downtown San Jose, CA

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Trona, armpit of America


Trona is quite possibly the worst place in America, if not the world. Many cities have pleasant little slogans on their welcome signs ("San Jose: Capital of Silicon Valley", "Tehachapi: Land of Four Seasons", "Welcome to Brooklyn: How sweet it is!", and so on); Trona has this:

Welcome to Trona: 24 Hour Services

I suspect the sign is a bit out of date, though, as this is the only gas station in town:

Gas station

Door of service station

And this is the motel. The reason it needs so many "open" signs? All the windows visible from the street are shattered and/or boarded up.

Motel open

The whole town has a rancid chemical odor from the chemical plant that's pretty much the only employer in town, and the two older residential districts are half-abandoned, with many burned-out houses. (The newest residential district is not yet decaying, but give it time; land is so cheap that houses are more or less disposable. And once the newest district is abandoned, Trona is pretty much SOL, as that one is right up against the county line.)

Burnt house


Even in the nicest areas, the front lawns are just dirt, with occasional scrub or cacti. The town is so polluted that grass simply won't grow. (Trona High School's football team plays on one of only two dirt playing fields in the United States; the other is glacial silt in Juneau, Alaska.)

Boarded-up house with satellite dish

Derelict house

Pit Bull Masstiff Mixed 4Sale
Trona, CA

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Painted on


POST NO BILLS, dripping
San Francisco, CA


Help save Mountain View, painted house
Mountain View, CA


MR. P, bloblike pizza chef
Richmond, CA


Hotel Westerner: Bath in EVERY Room

READY.GOV storefront cartoon
Oakland, CA

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