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Odds and ends
World's worst newspaper?
Back from the Bronx
Indy 500
Memorial Day
Broad Channel
For the birds

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Satan's Laundromat

Odds and ends


Parking for Upper West Side destinations
Liberty and 117th in Queens, about 15 miles from the Upper West Side


Rockaway Boulevard procession


Radiator blocking pay phone
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn


Emergency Party sign, Hebrew lettering
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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World's worst newspaper?


I've never seen a newspaper that was as consistently bad as the Indianapolis Star -- not to mention the racism in the second photo here. It's even worse than the San Francisco Chronicle!

Indy Star: front page of City and State section

Indy Star: Chinese delicacy: SARS found in 3 small mammals in China

Indy Star: Hooray for Congress!

Indy Star: There's no easy way to get rid of mold.

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Back from the Bronx


And was that a great @#*&$ ballgame!

Bottom of the ninth, tie game, one out, Matsui doubles to left and takes third on a throwing error. Two consecutive intentional walks; for some reason the Sox want to face Posada. Jim and I look at each other and say, "walk Posada." It's the only way it can possibly end -- and it does.

I definitely picked the right game of the series to go to.

Yankee Stadium left field upper deck

Right field at night

Batter swinging, ball coming off the bat

Mike Mussina sign with Bullwinkle
Yankee Stadium

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Indy 500


This was my first experience with auto racing; I'd never even watched it on TV. And it was surprisingly enjoyable, even knowing virtually nothing going in.

standing at attention for the national anthem

blurry blue car

car number 54, with a blurry background

pit stop

sideways photo that looks like giant stairs
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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Memorial Day


Happy Memorial Day, everybody.

Here are some, well, memorials.

Old Jewish tombstones

New Russian/Jewish tombstones

New Russian/Jewish tombstones
Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn

The front lawn of the old cemetery administration building seems to have yielded to a space crunch and itself become a burial ground, this time around for Russian Jews. I had no idea that this engraving technology existed.


HONOR, from a war memorial
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn


Indiana war memorials

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I'm wondering if the people who are attempting to come up with a catchy name for my neighborhood will succeed in gentrifying it to the point where there are no slogans painted on the sidewalk discouraging the use of crack cocaine.

I suppose it's better to have the sidewalk graffiti discourage crack-smoking than encourage it, but still.

(For those just joining us, real-estate developers renamed Fulton Ferry/Vinegar Hill "DUMBO," or Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Property values skyrocketed.)

Sprinklers Throughout Building / Sweet Knuckles

ad for a closet for rent in trendy Williamsburg
DUMBO, Brooklyn

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Broad Channel


(Further reading on Broad Channel.)

Rural-looking house

Cute house, with tree

Classic car on blocks
Broad Channel, Queens


Regular visitors to this site may remember my obsession with Hoyt-Schermerhorn, and will please indulge the fact that I posted this otherwise uninteresting photo:

A train to Hoyt-Schermerhorn
Far Rockaway, Queens

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I don't know who Rudayday is, but he has a great eye for photography, and his Brooklyn DMV photos came out a lot better than mine (though his photo is conspicuously lacking in Hasidic Jews). And his Brooklyn Storefront Houses of Worship site, which I linked to a few weeks ago, is still one of the greatest photo collections I've ever seen on the web.

Highly recommended.


Two old buildings connected by bridges
Gowanus, Brooklyn

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Republic Airlines ad
59th and (I think) 3rd


The Hold Steady

Craig of the Hold Steady
The Hold Steady at the Mighty Robot

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For the birds


11:30 p.m. I'm waiting at Queens Plaza for the G train that just isn't coming, so I sit down, and the middle-aged guy two seats to my right is doing something strange. I look closer, and he has a little bird in his hand! He's caressing it, kissing it on the mouth, petting it, and it's squirming around a little. The train comes, we get on, and he puts the bird on his shoulder, first on one side of his red-striped jacket, then on the other. The little bird has a green body and a red tail that almost matches the jacket, and for a moment it's free to fly away -- but where would it go?

He plays with the bird a little more, kisses it a few more times, and puts it back in his jacket pocket, where I can see a little splash of green through the white fabric. He pulls out a Russian newspaper and starts reading, giving me a good look at the amateur (jailhouse?) tattoo on his right hand: Boris (in Cyrillic).

I feel a little connection: this average-looking guy, with combed-over black hair, long sideburns and alligator shoes, has a bird in his pocket, and no one on the train knows except him and me.

Then Boris folds up his newspaper, pats his pocket and gets off at Broadway, and it's over, except for my grin the rest of the way home.


I have NO idea:

Mainland, USA / Saucee Wings / It Tastee Through to the Bone
Jackson Heights


Um, no thanks:

For Special Dish Ask Waiter
Missing some quotation marks?, Jackson Heights

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Deformity Appropriative
Suzhou, China

Children at play


Grand Army Plaza at night
Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn


Reflected projected video

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Over budget


Met Life building at night
Met Life building, Madison Square


Clean up after god
Gowanus, Brooklyn


clouds over Times Square
Times Square


Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

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The Bronx


A gorgeous tag.

From the 4 train, somewhere in the Bronx


meat market with a giant cow on the awning
Melrose, The Bronx


The best hand job in the Bronx

energy drink ad
Van Nest, The Bronx

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Around the Gowanus


someone canoeing in the canal

miss me and are very concerned because I am an epileptic and require medication

ORDINANCE of the City: Any Person Driving over this Bridge Faster than a Walk will be Subject to a Penalty of Five Dollars For Each Offence

two pairs of jeans on a wire fence

Under the Tracks Playground, abandoned

The End (on a Dead End sign)
Gowanus, Brooklyn

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The most astounding part of Serenade was that the cops didn't shut us down until we'd more or less stopped bothering anyone, and then they even shut down the Williamsburg Bridge to let us through.

Not too many action photos; I was too busy beating a drum and blocking traffic.

picking instruments and flags

picking instruments and flags
Gearing up, at ABC No Rio


bonfire at East River Park
East River Park


impromptu bodega serenade
Impromptu bodega serenade, Williamsburg

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Miscellany, mostly trains


Q train with reflection
Q train, Brooklyn


discarded popcorn


no fur sticker on the subway prohibitions sign
A train, somewhere in Brooklyn


Remember this filled-in mosaic? Well, I think this one was a lot more democratic:

mosaic with missing tiles filled in
Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, lower level

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Around Jamaica Bay


Angled doorways
Jacob Riis Park, The Rockaways


Use of cameras prohibited - strictly enforced
Marine Parkway (a.k.a. Flatbush Avenue) Bridge


If I cropped out the top of these photos, would anyone believe they were taken in New York City?

boats from a subway train water from a subway train
Jamaica Bay, from the Rockaway Park shuttle
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More from Bushwick


I'm actually really starting to like Bushwick...found a great pupuseria, and what more does anyone need?

Extremely peeling sign
Same building, flaking mailbox sign
Brownstones with three flags
Bakery: Big Fruits and Vegetables
Bushwick, Brooklyn

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Floyd Bennett Field


Stumbled across this little gem on my way from Flatbush to Rockaway Park.


Beware of Propellers


NYC wings
Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn

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Best thing I've seen all week


Anger Management - Bringing Down - Head of State
Kings Plaza, Brooklyn

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We were just lying down, but they'll say that we fell


fractal plant

tiny blue flowers
Brooklyn Botanic Garden


Happiness is having your own driver's license

S & M Children's Wear
Bushwick, Brooklyn


Time Moving & Storage
Times Square

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