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Downtown street art 1: Spring Street


i am the walrus

goo goo g'joob


Go to hell crackers

190 Bowery and 11 Spring Street

Many of these shots are from a walking tour given by the Wooster Collective.

Rion documented 11 Spring Street in May.

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Cool! A lot of that poster art has been there for a while...(the exact same pigeon head and the guy under the desk I recognize from the fall of 2003!)

Posted by: sf at June 30, 2004 08:38 AM

I believe the first photo is of Jay Maisel's studio/house http://www.jaymaisel.com/

He bought the old bank on the corner years ago, when it was a scary neighborhood. The first floor (double height) is his office (with basketball court) and a mezzanine. The second floor is a museum of his images. The top floors are his home. In the basement is a rather large studio with backdrops, etc. It has commercial sized bathrooms and the vault where he keeps his negatives. It's also where he keeps his bags and bags of discarded slides.

From the outside, it looks abandoned and covered over in grafitti. But notice how he's mounted plywood painted black over the actual structure. I suspect underneath is clean stone. From the inside though, it's beautiful.

Posted by: whatisee at June 30, 2004 11:01 AM

There's an article in today's (7/9) NY Times that talks about street art, and the NYT website shows 190 Bowery in particular. The title of the article is "Lawbreakers, Armed with Paint and Paste". There's also an audio slideshow featuring the street artist "Swoon".

Posted by: Michael Urbanski at July 9, 2004 08:22 AM

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