666 LaundromatSatan's Laundromat

Cortlandt Alley



Eighth notes

No dumping/Not a bathroom

No rice here

Fashion Chimp and peeling Swoon piece

Chinese pasteups

Old man by Swoon

Pained woman by Swoon

Swoon cutout with star

Boy by Swoon, colored in and with stickers over the eyes, made into a flag

End at Canal Street

BAG $5
Cortlandt Alley, between Canal and Franklin Streets


More on the alleys of Lower Manhattan at Forgotten NY.

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One thing that I have always loved about NYC is that you can find art anywhere. I love that small portrait on the 8th picture.

Posted by: Josh at May 25, 2004 08:58 AM

As always, great pictures. I visit every day for my fix of urban beauty.

Posted by: joseph at May 25, 2004 09:23 AM

We should do a side by side comparison of Swoon pix some time-- I have some of the exact same pieces but our styles are radically different. It would be a neat perspective study.

Posted by: corie at May 25, 2004 01:42 PM

My "hang-out" of yesteryears, thanks for the memories!

Posted by: Luis at June 13, 2004 02:19 PM

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